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My current itinerary includes 20 states (in order of first visitation): New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California. I’m giving myself six months, but given that I have a specific weather-dependent window of time, and that I tend to dawdle and like to get sidetracked, I reserve the right to make it only partway. In fact, I’d be amazed if I made it cross-country this one time out.

This is an approximate idea of the route (New York City to Los Angeles):

Click for a larger version.

May 2010

May 1: Brooklyn, NY, to  Parsippany, NJ (54 miles)

May 2: Parsippany, NJ, to Morristown, NJ (via Craftsman Farms, 12 miles)

May 3: Morristown, NJ, to Berkeley Heights, NJ (via Union, 32 miles)

May 4: Berkeley Heights, NJ, to Highland Park, NJ (via Edison, 33 miles)

May 5: Highland Park, NJ, to East Brunswick, NJ (via Perth Amboy, 30 miles)

May 6: East Brunswick, NJ, to Colt’s Neck, NJ (via Spotswood, 42 miles)

May 7: Colt’s Neck, NJ, to Hightstown, NJ (via Roosevelt, 38 miles)

May 8: Hightstown, NJ, to Collingswood, NJ (54 miles)

May 9: Collingswood, NJ, to Philadelphia, PA (via Camden, NJ, 15 miles)

May 10: rest day in Philadelphia! (0 miles)

May 11: exploring Philadelphia (33 miles)

May 12: Philadelphia, PA, to Springfield, PA (24 miles)

May 13: Springfield, PA, to Arden, DE (26 miles)

May 14: exploring Arden on foot (0 miles)

May 15: Arden, DE, to Kennett Square, PA (30 miles)

May 16: Kennett Square, PA, to Lancaster, PA (46 miles)

May 17: day in Lancaster (5 miles)

May 18: Lancaster, PA, to Ephrata, PA (18 miles)

May 19: Ephrata, PA, to Gibraltar, PA (37 miles)

May 20: Gibraltar, PA, to Doylestown, PA (60 miles)

May 21: day in Doylestown (13 miles)

May 22: another day in Doylestown (rest day, 0 miles)

May 23: Doylestown, PA, to Easton, PA (32 miles)

May 24: Easton, PA, to Portland, PA, via Phillipsburg, NJ (28 miles)

May 25: Portland, PA, to Montague, NJ (51 miles)

May 26: Montague, NJ, to New Paltz, NY (53 miles)

May 27: New Paltz, NY, to Amenia, NY (51 miles)

May 28: day in Amenia, NY (18 miles)

May 29: Amenia, NY, to NYC via train (16 miles on the bike)

May 30: day in NYC (14 miles on the bike)

May 31: NYC to Amenia, NY, via train (10 miles on the bike)

June 2010

June 1: Amenia, NY, to East Chatham, NY (49 miles)

June 2: day in East Chatham (0 miles)

June 3: East Chatham, NY, to New Lebanon, NY (9 miles)

June 4: New Lebanon, NY, to Worthington, MA (35 miles)

June 5: Worthington, MA, to Northampton, MA (37 miles)

June 6: day in Northampton and Amherst (0 miles)

June 7: Northampton, MA, to…Northampton, MA (28 miles)

June 8: Northampton, MA, to Rutland, MA (62 miles)

June 9: Rutland, MA, to Littleton, MA (41 miles)

June 10: day in Littleton (0 miles)

June 11: Littleton, MA, to Cambridge, MA (35 miles)

June 12-14: Cambridge, MA

June 15-Present: New York City

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